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Navigating around the confusing world of the sex industry can be very tricky at times if you don’t understand some of the terminology used! Escort Magazine to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of terms and abbreviations that are commonly used with escorts:

Agency = a company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for escorts
Analingus = oral sex to the anus (also known as rimming)
ASP = Adult Service Provider (a business or individual involved in the sex industry)
ATF = All Time Favorite (usually referring to sexual positions)
ATM = Ass To Mouth (sitting on the other person’s face)
BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job (oral sex without a condom)
BBBJTC = Bare Back Blow Job To Completion (in mouth)
BBBJTCWS = Bare Back Blow Job To Completion With Swallow
BBBJWF = Bare Back Blow Job With Facial
BBFS = Bare Back Full Sex
BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
BCD = Behind Closed Doors (a private and discreet encounter)
BDSM = Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism (you can be disciplined/dominated or you can be the dominator)
BF = Boyfriend
BFE = Boyfriend Experience
Bird-watching = where guys go and spy on other girls
BLS = Ball Licking and Sucking
Blue pill = Viagra
Butter face = everything looks good but her face
BTW = By The Way
Cash and dash = a prostitute who takes the money and runs
CBJ = Covered Blow Job (oral sex with condom)
CDS = Covered Doggy Style (doggy style sex with condom)
CFS = Covered Full Service (full sex with condom)
CG = cowgirl (girl on top facing you)
CH = Crazy Horse (licking your own penis)
CIM = Cum In Mouth
CMD = Carpet Matches Drapes (a natural blonde – both hair and genitalia)
CMT = Certified Massage Therapist (a professional masseuse)
Cover = Condom
Cunnilingus = oral sex performed on a woman
Doggy = man behind girl, girl on hands and knees
Doubles = a threesome with two girls and you
DDE = Doesn’t Do Extras
DDG = Drop Dead Gorgeous
DFK = Deep French Kissing (open mouth with tongue)
DIY = Do It Yourself (masturbation)
DT = Deep Throat
Facial = Cumming on partner’s face
FBSM = Full Body Sensual Massage
FIV = Fingering Inside Vagina
FOV = Fingering Outside Vagina
French Kiss = kissing with tongue insertion
FS = Full Service
Get Comfortable = get completely naked
GFE = Girlfriend Experience
GND = Girl Next Door
Greek = anal sex
GS = Golden Shower (urination play)
GSM = G-Spot Massage
Hardwood floors = clean shaven vagina
HDH = High Dollar Hottie
HJ = Hand Job (release through use of the hand)
HM = High Mileage
HME = Honey Moon Experience
HWP = Height and Weight Proportionate
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
In-call = meet the girl at her apartment or hotel room
Italian = penis rubbing between butt cheeks
K = light kissing, closed mouth
MILF = Mom I’d Like to Fuck
Missionary = man on top of the girl
Mohawk = thin rectangular strip of pubic hair
MP = Massage Parlour
MP = Multiple Pops (multiple releases/orgasms)
MSC = Market Street Cinema
NQNS = Non Quitter Non Spitter (keep giving a blow job right until cum in mouth and swallow)
Outcall: girl comes to your home or hotel room
OWC = Oral Without Condom
OWCTC = Oral Without Condom To Completion
PIV = Penis in Vagina
PO = Phone Operator
PS = Private Show (Dance)
PSE = Porn Star Experience
PV = Private Viewing
RPG = Role Playing Games
Russian = penis rubbing between breasts
Pearl Necklace = masturbate on chest and cum on breasts
SC = Strip Club
SO = Significant Other
SOG = Shot On Goal (cum where desired)
SW = Street Walker
TG = Transgender
TGTBT = Too Good To Be True
TOFTT = Take One For The Team (usually in reference to a new, non-reviewed sexual provider)
TS = Trans-Sexual
TUMA = Tongue Up My Ass
TV = Transvestite
WTF = What The Fuck?
XOXO = Kisses & Hugs
69 = two people giving each other oral sex at the same time


Sex work in Germany is entirely legal and has been regulated by the government since 2002. In 2016 the Prostitutes Protection Act was introduced in a bid to try and improve the legal situation and prevent the social stigmatization of sex workers. Paying for sex is becoming less and less frowned upon in Germany and you will feel that sense of freedom when you visit the country as the sex trade law is considered to be one of the most liberal in the world.
Sex work comes in many forms – from girls working in brothels to high-class escorts working for agencies. We have separated the red light district and the escort industry to highlight the differences and summarized below.


Outlined here are some of the services you will find in the red light districts of Germany:


Due to the sex trade law that legalized prostitution in 2002, regular street-based sex work is generally quite well organized by pimps and the girls are looked after well. Girls can pay to work in certain ‘off-limits zones’ and for around six euros a night, they can legally offer services to passers-by – whether in cars, apartments or brothels. This is a good option for men who are trying to hide their affair, as sessions tend to be short and payment is paid up front in cash.


Eros centers are houses and streets in almost every German city where girls can rent small rooms with windows facing the street for around 100-150 euros a day depending on location. The ladies can then stand in the windows to lure customers in and seduce them in their sexy lingerie. The prostitutes set their own prices and are generally working for themselves and therefore do not have to share this money with a pimp or brothel owner. In major cities, meals are provided for the girls

and brothel owners ensure that they are safe. The largest brothel in Europe is ‘Pascha’ in Cologne, a 12-storey building with over 120 rooms for rent and several bars.


Also known as FKK Clubs (FKK stands for Freikörperkultur, a German naturist movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture), these establishments typically consist of a downstairs floor with a swimming pool, sauna and a ‘meet and greet’ area offering a bar and a buffet. Upstairs there will be bedrooms where you can have sex. Due to the nudist movement that these clubs are based on, the women will be naked or at the very least topless, while men tend to walk around in towels. Men and women pay the same entrance fee which will vary wildly depending on location and reputation, and this includes all use of facilities and refreshments.


Escort agencies all over Germany provide beautiful girls that potential male clients can request to come and visit them at their home or in a hotel. Sometimes these visits are short but they can also last for a day, or even a few days – depending on your budget. Not all escorts offer sex, and sometimes call girls can be hired purely for companionship or to accompany you to a special occasion where you need a plus one. Escorts are typically hired by men who have a little more time on their hands, as planning and booking is obviously more time-consuming than just selecting a prostitute in the red light district.


There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re trying to decide which sex service is right for you. Budget is probably the most obvious one, and if you haven’t got much money then the red light district is where you should be headed as hiring an escort is a luxury experience and not the cheapest option. Of course, you should bear in mind that any special requests or added extras to a blow job or sexual intercourse will cost you extra money in the red light district whereas with escort agencies you pay for a complete service. If you are trying to conceal your activity then choosing the right escort agency to keep your experience as discreet as possible via online/phone bookings is paramount. High-class escort agencies such as Escort Beauties will never reveal any details to anyone and payment is easy and safe.
Another thing to think about of course is the type of experience you would like. Do you just want a quick blow job to ease your stress and relieve you of pent-up sexual frustration? Then head to the red light district but don’t expect a super sensual and romantic environment as rooms in brothels are generally very basic and – although clean – they can seem a little clinical. Models in windows will be wearing skimpy lingerie whereas escorts are fully dressed and classy. If you want a more upmarket lady, the luxury of a quality hotel and a more romantic vibe then you should be opting for the Escort experience. Escorts work for a minimum of two hours so you will feel less rushed.

In summary, the main thing to note is that while the attitudes of prostitutes and escorts are mostly worlds apart, you can find a beautiful lady to fulfill your needs in both the Red Light District and in escort agencies; you just need to decide exactly what sort of sexual encounter you are looking for.


Booking an escort for the first time can seem like a scary prospect – especially if you don’t feel too confident. It’s understandable that people have a negative perception of call girls and this is largely due to controversial films, documentaries and articles written in the media.
However, you should put your fears aside because you will very quickly find that hiring an escort is nothing to be ashamed of and absolutely something that you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.
Our Escort Magazine will help to put your mind at rest and so we have outlined below the main steps you will go through from start to finish.


You can book escorts via email or phone. Once you have contacted the agency and selected your model, the following details will usually be required:
• Would you like a home or hotel visit?
o If hotel – which hotel are you staying in, what is the name you have checked in with and what is your room number?
• What date and time would you like the booking for and for how long?
If you need recommendations for hotels or anything else, most agencies will be happy to help. Escort Beauties are more than happy to help plan your perfect experience.

Depending on the request and regulations of the hotel, most clients either meet their escort in the hotel lobby or if possible have the girl go directly to their room.

The first thing to do when your call girl arrives is to relax, enjoy her beauty in real life, and then pay her. Escorts will not engage in any activities until they have been paid and this is required by all agencies to avoid any complications.
Once your escort has been paid she will contact the agency to confirm that the booking is going to take place. If you have requested any special requirements then don’t worry – your escort will already be aware. She may want to discuss them if necessary.
After the initial moments are out of the way, just enjoy the experience. Start conversing, get to know each other and take your time. There is no need to rush your time together – unless that’s what you want of course!


Escorts generally follow a standard pattern unless you have specific requirements which is as follows:
• Slowly undress the client
• Arouse the client by hand and usually by mouth (with a condom)
• Once aroused begin to engage in sexual intercourse (again, with a condom)
• Adopt the best positions to suit you to ensure ultimate satisfaction
You can of course ask your escort for specific desires and as long as they are part of the package then they will be more than happy to assist. Make sure if you have requests that go above and beyond the classic oral and intercourse that you have consulted the agency prior to your appointment because they may need to be agreed in advance and will usually cost more.


Once you have reached climax, the escort will usually help you clean yourself up. Following this she will probably let her driver/agency know that she needs to leave via text and will have a shower. This is common practice, so do not be alarmed.
If you have a short booking then the escort will leave as soon as you have climaxed, even if you have time left. So if you want to maximise your time with an escort pace yourself!

If you have a longer booking then after intercourse your escort will start a conversation with you and you take it from there.
Some clients tip their escort but this is not essential.

The most important thing is to just relax, be yourself, and enjoy your time.