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Erotic Massage by Escort Beauties

Welcome to Escort Beauties Erotic Massage, where we offer a 24/7 erotic massage and escort service for single men, women, and couples throughout Germany to suit all occasions and needs.

Erotic massage is not just any old massage; it is an ancient art that awakens your body and releases inner tensions and stresses. Erotic massages can come in many forms, from spiritual pleasure to more physical experiences that aim to help you achieve orgasm through a hand job, oral sex, or sexual intercourse.

We can help to organize both home and hotel visits any time of day or night to suit you, and all of our sexy masseuses are trained in a variety of massage techniques including Tantric massage (which originated in India), and Nuru massage (which originated in Japan). The girls are outstandingly professional and all have their own specialties so be prepared to have all of your desires met with whichever model and massage you choose!

Escort Beauties’ girls use their hands and soul to massage your erogenous zones to enhance your sexual excitement. Our Agency has a great reputation in the escort industry and you can be sure to rely on us; we always look after our customers respectfully and prefer to build long-term relationships with them to ensure satisfaction and trust.

Don’t be worried about discretion either; Escort Beauties are entirely respectful and ensure respect and privacy at all times. Take a look at the options below and book your experience today.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is highly sensual and enables you to be in touch with every part of your body, emotions and soul. It is a joyous celebration of the human form and its sexuality, as you get to understand your erogenous zones more and experience sensations you will never have felt before. This ultimate sexual act ignites passion and ultimately makes you feel maximum arousal and love.

Our Tantric massages for men are truly erotic, with the penis and testicles being massaged in a whole new and exciting way to maximize arousal and peak spirituality. Translated from an ancient Indian language, the word “Lingam” means “the rod of light” and refers to the male sexual organ. In Tantric sex, Lingam is used to help improve sexual activity and increase both stamina and energy. You will learn how to perfectly control ejaculation for future pleasure with partners.

The benefits of Tantra for women are that this type of massage will enhance feelings of intimacy and improve self-love. You will be able to express your femininity which will future-proof all sexual relationships. In Sanskrit, “Yoni” means “a sacred space” (i.e. the vagina) and in female tantric massage, Yoni philosophy is followed to ensure that the female has selfless pleasure and an enlightening experience.

It is completely natural for couples to want to experiment. Tantric massage is a wonderful way to explore all aspects of your physical, spiritual and emotional connection together. Experiencing each other in this new way will improve self-esteem, compatibility and ultimately intensify your sex life and general intimacy. Ultimately, the art of Tantra heightens inner harmony, and removes bad spirits and anger from your soul. By exploring your body/bodies in this way, you will understand how to open your mind to sensuality, sexual energy and happiness. Removing negativity from your mind will help you to lead a more complete and fulfilled life. Reignite that spark!

It is important to know that the emphasis of this type of massage is on the sexual aspects of it that affect your bodily chakras rather than solely concentrating on satisfaction. So although you will feel great sexual pleasure, eroticism is not the primary purpose of this healing massage. You need to be in the right mindset to truly absorb the maximum energy from this massage and experience true sexual and spiritual freedom.

The sensual power that comes with Tantric massage will for sure ignite feelings of great relaxation and inner bliss. Call us now to book your Tantric massage in Dusseldorf on +49211-26009989
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Nuru Massage

With a Nuru massage, based on Japanese tradition, our girls will caress your body with their beautifully naked physiques. By sliding all over you covered in oil, the Escort Beauties masseuses will stimulate you to the extent that you will experience sexual nirvana. Far more than a traditional adult oil massage, the fact our girls use entire body-to-body contact in a Nuru massage means that you can work on relieving all of your physical tension and this will help to obtain an incredible sexual and sensual experience. It is the perfect erotic massage because not only will the rhythmic strokes and sensual music drive you crazy with lust and satisfaction, the firm pressure of body-to-body contact will surely cause you to have the most erotic sexual experience you’ve ever had. Call us now to book your Nuru massage in Germany on +4915215340013

Relaxation Massage

Our relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation in all parts of the body in order to relieve your tired, achy muscles and give you a new lease of life. Massaging your entire body has been proven to alleviate stress and free your mind from pain or discomfort – even if you didn’t know you had it! Enjoy a relaxation massage and feel the benefits for weeks. Call us now to book your Relaxation massage.

Foot Fetish Massage

For some, having a foot fetish seems like a social taboo. Here at Escort Beauties there are no judgments, and no limitations. We totally understand that the female figure is an exquisite creation and that the legs and feet are just as tantalizing as the rest of the body. Contrary to popular belief, foot fetishism is not uncommon – so there is no reason to feel alone. We can satisfy every foot fetish need – whether you like your lady to wear stilettos or trainers. Just lie back and let our girls take care of you. Call us now to book your foot fetish massage in Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne or Surroundings

Prostate Massage

Also known as a massage of the male G-spot, the prostate massage aims to create the absolute ideal climax. The stimulation of the prostate has long been reputed that stress, anxiety, sexual pleasure and tension will be relieved. This massage is renowned by being the most popular among men, due to the extreme orgasms it can produce. When organizing your appointment be sure to specify whether you like fingering, the use of sex toys, or a strap-on. Any other requirements can also be met – or just ask for everything! Call us now to book your Prostate massage

Four Hands Massage

Need we say more… This massage speaks for itself! Who could refuse an intensely satisfying massage by at least two professional masseuses? This is not just a standard massage; it is a uniquely sensual and sexual experience. Eliminate your stress, negativity and tension by booking today. It has to be experienced to be believed. Call us now to book your Four Hands massage in Germany on +49211-26009989

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